5 Benefits of Dry Cleaning Services

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A woman is putting clothes on racks in a laundry room.

Getting the look of freshly ironed cloth might take a lot of effort and time, and some clothing pieces like wedding dresses require more care and attention. Your wedding dress is a big investment that you should take care of. According to The Pearl Source, in 2019, the average cost of a wedding dress was approximately $ 1,600. So, ensure you hire a professional wedding dress cleaning service. This gives your dress a much-needed clean and polish that’s essential to maintain its lifespan and beauty.

Dry cleaning is a versatile service, so whether you have a wedding gown you want to preserve, or are simply trying to take better care of your wardrobe, here are the top five benefits of dry cleaning services.

1. Best Chance of Stain Removal

Some stains aren’t easy to spot, such as champagne, sweat, or light-colored liquids. But, over time, these stains might set in, becoming more pronounced and darkening or yellowing the fabric of your dress. The longer these stains are left, the harder they become to clean. It would help if you urgently look for a wedding dress cleaning service immediately to keep your dress in good condition.

2. Dry Cleaning Preserves Delicate Fabrics

You might notice that delicate fabrics lose shape or fall apart when you put them in the washing machine. But dry cleaning doesn’t have the same impact because it doesn’t use soap that alters the fabrics and doesn’t include a spin cycle that stretches or fades clothes. Anything that needs gentle care or might lose its shape needs dry cleaning, such as:

  • Fabrics such as acrylic and cashmere
  • Pleated clothing
  • Neckties
  • Blazers

3. Dry Cleaning Helps Your Clothing to Last Longer

Clothes washed in a washing machine tend to wear down faster. The spin cycle is tough on fabric, and fibers might wear down after a few cleanings. On the contrary, dry cleaning is gentle on your clothes. So when your clothes are professionally dry cleaned and pressed, they remain in their original form and last longer.

4. Dry cleaning Prevents Discoloration

For an ivory or white wedding dress, you’ll want the color to remain as pure as possible. When your dress is exposed to sunlight, the white color might gradually discolor. A professional wedding dress cleaning service applies a unique, non-toxic solution to your dress to keep it brighter and continue to fight fade for many years to come.

5. Dry Cleaning is Suitable for Large Items

Items like carpets, blankets, curtains, etc., should be cleaned by a professional. Cleaning such items at home can be a cumbersome process, and your washing machine might not be able to handle the load. Save yourself the hassle by leaving these items to a dry cleaning service.

Dry cleaning is the best way to get clean and good-quality clothes that will help make you look and feel your best. You don’t have to worry about delicate clothes, alterations, or stains again. Contact us today for the best dry cleaning services.