Patio Cushions, Pillows, & Area Rug Cleaning


Imagine stepping on a soft, clean rug that looks as good as new. It’s like adding a touch of freshness to your home! Clean area rugs make your place look beautiful and cozy. They also help keep the air in your free from dirt and allergens.

We can also help bring out the best in your patio cushions and pillows to enhance the comfort of your outdoor living space. Call our local dry cleaners and get a free estimate today.

Why Choose Our Area Rug Cleaning Service?

  1. Expertise in Rug Cleaning: Our partner consists of highly trained and experienced professionals who specialize in area rug cleaning. We have the knowledge and skill to handle various types of rugs, from delicate oriental rugs to sturdy modern designs.
  2. State-of-the-Art Cleaning Facility: We have invested in a state-of-the-art cleaning facility equipped with advanced equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. This allows us to deliver outstanding results without compromising the safety of your rugs or the environment.
  3. Pet-Friendly Cleaning: We understand that pets are an integral part of many households. Our cleaning process is pet-friendly, ensuring that no harmful residues are left behind and your furry friends can roam around safely.
  4. Effective Stain and Odor Removal: Whether it’s stubborn stains or lingering odors, our cleaning process is designed to tackle even the toughest challenges, leaving your area rugs fresh and free from unpleasant smells.
  5. Green Cleaning Solutions: Our commitment to the environment extends to our choice of cleaning solutions. We use eco-friendly products that are effective in cleaning while being gentle on the planet.
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Our Rug Cleaning Process

Our cleaning process is designed to effectively lift dirt, stains, and contaminants from your patio cushions and pillows while preserving the integrity of the fabric. Here’s how we do it:

1. Inspection

During the inspection phase, our professional cleaners carefully examine your rug’s condition and identify any stains or areas that require special attention. They take note of the rug’s material, texture, and any specific cleaning needs. This thorough assessment helps them determine the best cleaning approach to ensure optimal results.

2. Deep Cleaning

Using safe and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, our expert cleaners proceed to deep clean your area rug. They use gentle yet effective cleaning solutions, targeting dirt, dust, allergens, and any remaining stains embedded deep within the rug’s fibers. This thorough cleaning ensures a fresh and revitalized appearance for the rug.

3. Rinsing

After the deep cleaning process, we subject your rug to meticulous rinsing. We use clean water to thoroughly rinse and flush out any remaining cleaning solution, dirt, and debris from the rug’s fibers. Proper rinsing is essential to prevent any residue build-up that could attract more dirt over time.

4. Drying

To complete the cleaning process, your area rug is carefully dried in a controlled environment. We use special drying techniques to protect the rug’s fibers and prevent any color bleeding or damage. This drying phase not only restores the rug’s freshness but also helps maintain its shape and texture.

5. Delivery

Once your patio cushions and pillows are clean, dry, and revitalized, we will schedule a convenient time for delivery. We take pride in delivering your items in pristine condition, ready to enhance your outdoor space.

6. Storage

Be able to enjoy not having the clutter of large cushions and pillows stored in your garage or basement over the winter. Let us store them for you in a temperature-controlled environment. Welcome a fresh clean patio cushion oasis in the Spring!

Customer Reviews

“Absolutely thrilled with the results! Schafer 2YourDoor Cleaners removed a pet stain that I thought would never come out. My rug looks pristine, and their customer service was outstanding—so patient and helpful!”

– Steve D.

“Who knew area rug cleaning could be so impressive? Schafer 2YourDoor Cleaners transformed my old, dusty rug into a work of art! Their deep cleaning skills were evident. The team was super friendly and delivered the rug back in no time. I’m thrilled with their service and will definitely call them again!”

– Robert M.

“Bravo to Schafer 2YourDoor Cleaners for their top-quality service! My oriental rug needed special care, and they delivered. The colors are vibrant, and it feels soft again. Their team was courteous, and the quick delivery was a bonus. A definite 5-star experience!”

– Eric L.

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