Save the Gown: Wedding Dress Preservation Makes Wedding Gowns Keepsakes

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A row of white wedding dresses hanging on a rack.

Millions of women have spent countless hours dreaming of their wedding. All of the details from the venue, colors, flowers, and of course their potential partner are organized down to the tiniest details. One of the main focal points is the wedding dress.

The moment a bride begins trying on wedding dresses, they are getting a glimpse into how they will look for their wedding day. They may even go through many dresses before “the bridal gown” with the perfect style and fit is chosen.

In 2019, the average price for wedding dresses was $1,600. A wedding gown is a serious investment that brings dreams to reality. After you say yes to the dress, all of your efforts call for special treatment and care for your bridal gown. The best way to ensure it remains as beautiful as the day you wore it, is to invest in wedding dress preservation.

Keep Memories Flourishing With Wedding Dress Preservation

Your wedding gown is a keepsake. It is one of the most beautiful elements that can be saved after your wedding day. Before preserving your gown, you should use wedding dress cleaning services to ensure it stays in great condition. After all, you may want to pass your dress down to future generations and start a loving family tradition.

Wedding dress preservation will make it much easier to store your dress. There are many benefits to preserving wedding dresses including eliminating the risk of the fabric stretching or turning yellow. Wedding dress preservation service also prevents future stains or damage from elements.

Wedding Dress Preservation Is Not Average Dry-Cleaning

Dry cleaning garments are much different than wedding dress preservation. Wedding dress preservations are handled by specialists that have the necessary training and equipment to preserve wedding gowns. They take every detail into account and create a treatment plan for your gown that focuses on the fabric, intricate details, stitching, and whether stains need to be removed. Gowns are renewed without any harm to the delicate fabric.

A wedding dress cleaning service of the highest quality uses equipment such as MuseumCare™ ZeroCarbon™ to remove unseen stains and soil that would otherwise turn a dress yellow. Once cleaned, wedding dress preservation specialists will place your dress in a sulfur-free, lignin-free, and acid-free MuseumCare™ chest to ensure it remains protected.

Top preservation services come with a written guarantee that is backed by Wedding Gown Specialists that are certified globally. You can fully rely on specialists that offer cleaning and preservation services such as the services listed above. Wedding gown preservation is the ideal gift to give a bride that is absolutely in love with her gown.

Timing Is Everything

It stands to reason that the sooner you seek the services of a preservationist, the better. You do not want to wait months to have your gown cleaned and then preserved. Any imperfections or stains will be much harder to eradicate. Don’t wait months or even weeks to have your gown preserved. You can still enjoy your honeymoon and wedded bliss by asking a family member or bridesmaid to take your dress to be cleaned and preserved.

Make an appointment to have your gown preserved so it remains the treasured keepsake you remember. Wedding gown preservation will keep it in pristine condition for many years. Even if you plan on handing your dress down, possibly donating it, or repurposing the materials to create wedding accessories for future generations, the dress will be in incredible condition.

Use a Preservation Team You Can Trust

Top preservation teams are fully committed to giving you the best service possible. They understand how valuable and sentimentally important your bridal gown is to you. There is great purpose in their preservation services ensuring they do their best work for you. Preserve your wedding memories by letting them preserve your bridal gown.